The Curse Of Venus Aversa

Project Update #3: Special Q&A for Backers Only--And Bonus Giveaways!

Greetings friends, fans, and distinguished detractors...
Dani and I just had a chat on the phone, and we came up with a couple of brilliant ideas. First, we want to give our backers a little lagniappe (here in New Orleans, that means a bit of extra something).
If you've already backed the campaign, you can send in a question for either Dani or myself. We'll pick ten of the best and most representative questions and send the answers out in a private message to confirmed backers. Again, these questions won't be posted to the site, and will only be seen by the most loyal of fans.
Second, the 666th backer will receive a special Cradle of Filth gift package from Dani's personal archives (this may or may not include a sock), along with a few signed comics from yours truly. Share the link, promote the campaign, and help us uncover the occult origins of Cradle of Filth!
Your fiend,