The Curse Of Venus Aversa Cover

 the curse of venus aversa cover
Mephistophelean menaces CRADLE OF FILTH announce the culmination of months of hard graft finishing their first ever (very) graphic novel, entitled The Curse Of Venus Aversa, which is about to be returned from the printing press.

The 80 page comic book, which centres on a Gothic Horror story concerning the occult origins of COF, will very soon be unleashed upon the world, signalling the start of the Third Dark Age of the band. 
This also coincides with Cradle beginning the writing process for their next musical endeavour, and the much-anticipated remastered re-release of the 'Total Fucking Darkness' demo complete with rare and unreleased tracks from the era on limited edition 'spattered' double vinyl and CD.
The release date for this burning slab of underground darkness is 05/05/14 and is available from all good record stores via the infamous Mordgrimm label.

To order the splattered colour double vinyl gatefold (limited to just 666 copies Worldwide) go to
Not wanting to own a massively collectible piece of history? Then the equally formidable CD will be available for general consumption here and at all Worldwide Amazon marketplaces.

Following the initial shipment of comic books winging their way out to the 700 plus exalted Kickstarter campaigners, some items can also be back-ordered. Those interested in ordering this opulent tome now, would do well to visit co-writer Kurt Amacker's webstore at!shop/c19ze where, as well as the graphic novel, related t-shirts, workshirts and Dani Filth voodoo dolls can be purchased, all of which coincide horribly with the comic book.

On another matter, Cradle of Filth will play a full set warm-up show for Altfest in Coventry, UK, on Saturday August 16th, at the Kasbah nightclub. Tickets for this black metal extravaganza are only £5 per Filthling and going very, very fast!

See you in the pit!

Model: Toni Davey
Unedited photo by Patricia Belda Martinez @ Iberian Black Arts

 — with Dani Filth.