Devilment - The Great And Secret Show

Pre-order Devilment's debut platter of madness "The Great And Secret Show" at and receive a fully signed print by the band...

Release date November 3rd, 2014 e.h

CD Digi pack with bonus tracks and Double Gatefold Vinyl LP, limited to 250 copies (with the signed inlay).

The track-list for this, the new band of psychotic noise merchants from Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth), is as follows...

01. Summer Arteries
02. Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me
03. Girl From Mystery Island
04. The Stake In My Heart
05. Living With The Fungus
06. Mother Kali
07. Staring At The Werewolf Corps
08. Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero
09. Laudanum Skull
10. The Great And Secret Show
--- Bonus Tracks
11. Beds Are Burning (MIDNIGHT OIL cover)
12. Psycho Babble
13. Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me (Motion Picture Soundtrack)