Lindsay Schoolcraft


Name: Lindsay Schoolcraft

Birthday: February 26th

Star sign: The cursed and creative Pisces.

Places of residence: Oshawa, Canada

Website: Schoolcraft Official Facebook

Hobbies: being mysterious and bubbly, crafting headdresses, local concert going, the occult, gothic culture, alternative modeling, studying new ways to write and arrange music, orchestras, archery, falconry, getting lost in the woods most days.

Musical background: Sang since I could speak. Started guitar at the age of 7, moved to bass at 15 and started my own all girl punk band. Changed direction at 21 to fully study opera and classical piano. 6th unofficial member of Daedalean Complex. Quit intensive opera studies at University to join this legendary band. Been playing the harp for a year now. Tried the cello once, failed miserably.

Equipment: Yamaha P80 Portable Grand Piano. Dusty Strings Ravenna 34 Folk Harp.

Sexy Nylons:
Stage Make Up:

Idols in Life and Music: Amy Lee, Ben Moody, Bjork, Tuomas Holopainen, Jessicka Addams, The Birthday Massacre, Clara Schumann, my CoF band mates and Crewdle of Filth.

Best CoF show so far: May 12th 2013 in Fremantle, Australia.

Favorite CoF songs to perform live: Lilith Immaculate, Nymphetamine, Honey and Sulfur, Born In A Burial Gown

How do you kill time on tour: Borrowing Dani's iPod, sightseeing, taking pics for instagram, yoga, meditating, swimming pools when available, writing for my solo project, orchestrating a soundtrack to my here and now when my mind wanders, laughing my ass off with the boys and Crewdle, living in the moment.

Strangest experience on tour: Not playing in Singapore, but doing a talk show interview instead with the boys in full get up.

Place you would like to visit, but haven't: Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland.

Your favorite bands: Evanescence, The Birthday Massacre, Nightwish, Dimmu Borgir, Within Temptation, We Are The Fallen, Bjork, The Agonist, Jack Off Jill, Eve's Apple, Kittie, LEAH, Epica, Delain, Tarja, Wintersun, Eluveitie, Kamelot, Amaranthe, Katatonia, The Rabid Whole, Roniit, Saltillo

Top albums:
Fallen - Evanescence
Violet - The Birthday Massacre
Dark Passion Play - Nightwish
Vespertine - Bjork
The Silent Force - Within Temptation

You must hear this now:
Unleash The Archers

Favorite films:
Repo! The Genetic Opera, Alice In Wonderland, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassis, Suckerpunch, Chronicles of Narnia, Memoirs of a Geshia, Sleeping Beauty, 3000 B.C.

Favorite food/drink: Vegan, so Hummus, Tofu and Quinoa by the bucket load. And any breed of white wine, cider, and/or J├Ąger.

Your "Religion": Proud Native American Indian. Totems a many, but mainly birds of prey: Falcon, Kestrel, Hawk. Decedent of great warriors from the Ojibwe and Souix tribes.

Message to the fans: Seeing you from the stage is the greatest thing ever. Thanks for supporting The Filth!